A slew of documents suffer the ill fate of being written and forgotten. Make sure your travel policy is not one of them. In fact, updating and communicating your travel policy on a regular basis is an imperative to prevent non-compliance, additional costs and financial liability for your company.

Your travel policy should be customized to fit your company. It needs to accommodate the different restrictions depending upon location, department, seniority, etc. Our UNIGLOBE experts ensure that your company’s travel policy is clear and simplified, so that your employees fully understand their travel options. Our UNIGLOBE experts work with you closely to draft your travel policy to perfectly suit your company’s travel requirements. In addition, they also ensure that your policy gets all the necessary updates from time to time, in line with your company’s changing travel needs and the latest industry developments.

Our UNIGLOBE experts regularly evaluate your travel policy on the following parameters for maximum effectiveness:

  • Updated contacts for any questions and travel approvers
  • Booking protocol and process
  • Approved travel agencies and vendors
  • Credit policy
  • Air travel policy, restrictions and fare types
  • Accommodation policy, pricing guidelines and restrictions
  • Vehicle policy for taxis, rental cars and personal vehicles with pricing guidelines and restrictions
  • Insurance
  • Frequent flyer/points program policies
  • Non-reimbursable items

Each time your policy is changed, employees should be updated, and also informed of the benefits of the update and its relevance. Travel technology today makes it very easy for employees to find and arrange their travel with just a few clicks. However, they may not be aware of the corporate benefits received by following the policy such as corporate rewards, fee cancellation, transferable credits, reporting, discounts, etc. Therefore, it is very important to keep them informed and on the same page, always.

As corporate travel continues to change and evolve, don’t leave your policy gathering dust. Instead, give it the attention it deserves and let it be the powerful tool it was always meant to be.

Is your travel policy due for an update? Get in touch with your UNIGLOBE expert now! 


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