It is good to subject your company’s travel spends to close scrutiny. The question is, is it enough? Not according to UNIGLOBE experts. Unless you do a complete review of your current travel program, your efforts directed at increasing compliance and optimizing spends are not enough. Read on to find out why.UNIGLOBE experts explain the biggest reasons why you should consider reviewing your company’s travel program.

1. Your company may have changed

There is a strong possibility that your company’s priorities have changed since the last time you took a serious look at your travel program. “Your focus may have shifted from program compliance to risk management? It is imperative to realign your travel program to provide you the technology, support, tools and service configuration to service your company to suit its current priorities,” opines a UNIGLOBE expert. 

2. Your travel has changed

From who travels, why they travel and where they travel to, a lot may have changed since the time you put your travel program in place. This is another important aspect that your travel program needs must be tweaked to address.

3. In travel, the only constant is changing technology

Are your unused airline credits captured, managed and reported on automatically? What apps are you using and are they meeting your needs? And does your reporting solution give you the date you need, when you want it, in a timely fashion? If not, your travel program is in a serious need for an immediate overhaul.


As your company increasingly looks at drawing more value from spends, it is just the right time to review your travel program with UNIGLOBE experts and let us make necessary amends to ensure that your travel program is in sync with your travel requirements, always!


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