It's almost summer time and you are all set to take a vacation. There's a plethora of vacation offers out there and each one promising to be a great fit for you. Which one will you pick? In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts present an alternate view on the choices you can make to have a great vacation. As you'll discover, a great vacation starts with the perfect ingredient in mind - you!

Pickup the newspaper these days and it’ll be hard to miss the deluge of advertisements offering the best vacation at the best price. Look closer, and you’ll also realize among the many advertisements lies a striking similarity – don’t they all look really similar … similar destinations, similar prices? Dig deeper and you might even find that for the most part even the inclusions are pretty much the same … In this world of similarity what’s the true measure of differentiation and how do you decide which vacation package or destination is best for you? In short, how do you break through the clutter of advertising and decide what’s best for you? Price? Duration? Destination … ?

According to UNIGLOBE Experts, most companies selling vacation packages through a heavy onslaught of big budget advertising, end up pushing consumers to choose price as the key differentiator. “It’s usually presented as a race for the cheapest offer. The truth, however, is that vacations should revolve around what people want out of it and then matching that to a great price. A great vacation is about taking a dream and making it really affordable”, says a UNIGLOBE Expert.

But, how do you get to the bottom of what people really want from their destination? It starts with the right questions. People want a lot of value in their vacations and everyone values different things.  Finding out what is REALLY important through a proper trip planning process and building a trip ‘preference profile” is key to building a truly memorable itinerary for everyone.  Only when that step is done correctly is it time to look at the products and services that will fit the requirements identified. A UNIGLOBE Trip is one that matches your trip profile with product profiles – perfectly! “We invest our time and effort in both parts of the process by helping our clients build their preference profile and then using  our capability, connections and latest vacation offers or packages around two key elements … value and experience. Its what helps our clients get that little EXTRA out of their vacation – and NO surprises”, informs one UNIGLOBE Expert.

As a vacation seeker you have choices that lie beyond the usual criteria. Imagine that you choose a vacation package that provides an automatic upgrade to a great ocean facing view at no extra cost? “It uplifts the entire vacation experience. We’ve had clients, who were traveling with young kids and getting a value added benefit like an early check-in without paying extra was a major plus” informs one UNIGLOBE expert.

What might these extra value offers include? “These offers vary month on month, however we do almost always have an included offer for popular destinations. In the recent past, these have ranged from an early check-in, complimentary dinners, luxury car transfers, free child stays to much more”, answers a UNIGLOBE expert.

If you’re someone who’s after that special experience then a value offer isn’t going to satisfy you. “True experience seekers want that once in a lifetime experience. Imagine, skiing the slopes in Switzerland or camping out under the starry sky in Jordan … we make it possible. The whole idea is to make consumer choice, desires, passions and interests central to their vacation and still make it easy on their pocket”, concludes a UNIGLOBE expert.

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