After an endless wait at the baggage carousel, the steady flow of bags onto the conveyor belt slows to a trickle, then stops. Your bags are nowhere in sight. Sounds familiar? With more than 20 million bags mishandled the world over, you may not always be able to escape from the perils of delayed or lost luggage. However, you can minimise the impact by following this advice from UNIGLOBE experts.

Recent research on travel insurance trends indicates baggage loss and delay have a higher probability of occurrence. Luggage can be lost en route, it can be stolen from the airport baggage carousel, it can even fall overboard. No wonder baggage loss features among the top five reasons for claims by travellers. Given the scenario, a travel insurance plan that provides an adequate cover for such eventualities is more of necessity rather than an afterthought. More so, if you tend to travel with all your worldly belongings, expensive gizmos, laptops etc, on your back.

The bottom line is, don’t leave home without travel insurance that covers baggage loss and delay unless you tend to travel very lightly and can honestly say that you could live without everything you are carrying.

The UNIGLOBE Travel Insurance Program, powered by Tata AIG gets you the 'highest in industry' cover on delay and loss of baggage so you travel with total peace of mind. This includes reimbursement for the cost of personal belongings when entire piece of checked in baggage is lost by the airline; and compensation for expenses incurred on purchase of emergency personal effects due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage.

Before you set out on that next trip, don’t forget to call your UNIGLOBE expert to explore more benefits of our national and international travel insurance programs


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