The business world continues to move forward regardless of holidays and other special events. Business meetings, corporate retreats and events, and trade shows all can take place over holidays or special days a family celebrates. While it might not be ideal to travel during a special occasion or holiday, there are some ways to make it less of an inconvenience.

Reschedule a Celebration or Special Event

When possible, reschedule the celebration for a date that is more convenient. While some holidays might be difficult to celebrate on a date other than the one on the calendar, such as Christmas, many can be easily switched to a different date.

Celebrate a Holiday After Returning from Corporate Travel

Corporate travelers who cannot reschedule a business trip can plan for the festivities to occur before taking off or after returning. By celebrating before the trip, the traveler can take with them fond memories of the event; likewise, by celebrating after the event, the traveler has something to look forward to upon their return. If celebrating ahead of time, be sure to take plenty of photographs and video footage to enjoy while out of town.

Use Internet Phone Services to Stay Connected to Home

If business itineraries require that the traveler must be away from home on the date of the celebration, there are ways to stay connected and part of the party. Use Skype or other Internet phone services to stay connected to the celebration. Travelers can also exchange photos or text messages through smart phone or cell phones or e-mail to keep everyone updated. In addition, think about ordering a special delivery while on the trip, such as flowers to be delivered at home.

Turn Corporate Travel into Holiday Travel

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other celebrations, when combined with business travel, can make the event more monumental – and help to break the monotony that sometimes comes along with business travel. Consider having an out of town celebration at a landmark location or a special restaurant, hotel, or park. Schedule the corporate travel itinerary to be extended by a day or two, either before or after the meeting or convention, and spend extra time celebrating. The holiday might even be more memorable if celebrated in a special place in an out of town location.

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