Want to hear the spooky tales of a plague-ravaged Dublin? Then check out the Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour. On this tour visitors will discover Dublin's haunted past and visit mysterious sites such as Bully's Acre and the Black Church.

Visit a Historic Graveyard on the Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour
Visit a Historic Graveyard on the Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour
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The city of Dublin is most famous for its must-see historical landmark attractions dating back hundreds of years, but also being one of the most haunted cities in Ireland. Get to hear the spooky stories of the past and explore mysterious sites with Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour and find out what happened with the lost souls of the medieval and plague-ravaged city of Dublin.

Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour will take you on a bus ride visiting mysterious sites such as Bully’s Acre, where an estimated of several hundred thousand persons were buried, and the Black Church, one of the most infamous buildings in Dublin. Visit the former prison Kilmainham Gaol where many leaders of Irish rebellions were imprisoned and some even executed. With a lot of other infamous places and landmarks to visit, you will surely learn a lot about Dublin and while having fun at that.

Contact us now and get to explore Dublin with a twist of spookiness on a Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour!

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