Want to know more about the history of the automobile? Then take the Ford Rouge Factory Tour at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford Rouge Factory Tour is a self-guided five-part tour that includes a stop at the Legacy Theater, the Art of Manufacturing Theater, the Observation Deck, the Dearborn Truck Plant and the Legacy Gallery.

Unravel the History of the Automobile at the Henry Ford Museum
Unravel the History of the Automobile at the Henry Ford Museum

Visit and explore Henry Ford Museum and unravel the history of one of the most famous automobile company ‘Ford’. Take a tour at a collection of antique machineries, automobiles, aircrafts, pop culture items, and a whole lot more, a collection by the founder of Ford Company, Henry Ford. He began his journey collecting historic objects in 1906 and is now one popular tourist attraction.

Here at Henry Ford Museum, the whole family can enjoy the museum’s IMAX Theater showing scientific, natural or historical documentaries and of course major feature films. Get to see a model of a Ford Nucleon automobile powered by a nuclear. Be amazed with a ten-person bicycle made in 1896. Stare at a fine collection of both 17th and 18th century violins including the famous Stradivarius, a violin well known for its excellence.

After the exploration of the Henry Ford Museum, you can then relax and enjoy a meal at a nearby café or diner and share the fun experiences and stories with your family. Finally, you can shop for souvenirs for a memorable family-fun at the Henry Ford Museum.

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