Want to try some handmade candy? Then check out the NoLita: Eat a Bite of Ethnic New York Tour in New York City. On this tour visitors will discover the history and some of the best foods in one of Manhattan's trendiest neighborhoods while sampling different types of food.

Try Some NY Cheese Cake on a NoLita: Eat a Bite of Ethnic New York Tour
Try Some NY Cheese Cake on a NoLita: Eat a Bite of Ethnic New York Tour
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There is nothing better than eating in New York City. From the giant pizza slices, to hot dog vendors in Central Park, New York food is the highlight of any trip. Join the NoLita: Eat a Bite of Ethnic New York Tour for a taste of New York City's most popular ethnic foods. Discover the history that brought them there, and visit the neighborhood where local foodies go to get their fix.

NoLita is a small neighborhood nestled between Chinatown, Little Italy, and SOHO, in effect giving it the best of all culinary worlds. On your tour you will learn how these foods are made, how to eat them, and the best way to enjoy them. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of the chefs who serve you the food along the way, and you are free to ask as many questions as you have. Except for their secret recipes! 

Along the way you will taste dishes such as the Banh Mi Sandwich, Just Made Mozzarella, New York's best cheesecake, and ethnic bites from all over the world. If you love exploring new foods and new places, take the NoLita food tour. You won't go home hungry!

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