Leisure travel is turning out to be more than that vacation with family taken once or may be a couple of times a year. It is turning out to be a passion for the modern traveler shaping some interesting trends. In this article, our UNIGLOBE experts help you map on to these trends that are all about breaking away from the realms of the all familiar and into the world of the lesser known –– lesser known destinations, lesser known experiences, lesser known travel companions.

1.Going Solo

Travelling alone is not uncommon anymore. Whether it is meeting new people, travelling and exploring destinations with total strangers or associating with groups or people with similar interests, those with a true passion for travel, are willing to go all the way and all alone!

2.Exploring the Lesser Known

Lesser known, unexplored and off the grid destinations will definitely be on the map for those looking for adventure. Small towns, remote villages will draw travelers looking to understand and closely experience the destinations beyond the spotlight.

3.Taking it Slow

Gone are the days of squeezing in everything into one trip. Now travel will be quality over quantity. It will be about giving an ambitious itinerary a miss and going for carefully picked yet wholesome travel experiences, while soaking in the joy of taking things slow.

4.Food Travel

Sampling delicacies from different corners of the world and planning vacations with the pure objective of tickling taste buds is another trend to look out for. Vacations for an indulgence into the culinary experiences from around the world will be on the cards for those with an appetite for food and travel alike.

Which one of these trends will define your travel this year?


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