Almost everyone wants to see Paris, France at one point their life or another. Seeing the sights and traveling to the top of the Eiffel Tower are things that should be on every travelers list to do.

Top Tips for Getting Around Paris
Top Tips for Getting Around Paris

Paris, in the springtime, or fall, getting a cafe' au lait on an early Sunday morning while the wind blows serenely along the boulevard is as romantic as it can get. These things can come to life in a travelers pack or suitcase with ease.

Just by getting out and walking, taking a taxi or even the subway. Every sight to be seen in Paris, France can be ogled and photographed no matter which transportation a traveler may choose.

The best example of transportation for being able to sight see in Paris your own two shoes. Paris is a city with great interconnected alleys, street, boulevards and a promenade or two. All of these lead to places a travel must see on the journey in the city of lights.

For the subway a traveler only need 1.70 Euros to ride for a while and disembark at a specific and delegated place. Taxis are also very inexpensive for the frugal traveler. No matter how you decide to get around in Paris, they are all great options.

Paris, France, the city of lights, the city of romance, and perfect a great get away for two. Make sure to compare prices when shopping for such a trip. Always buy tickets a month or two in advance or very close to the day of departure, this way a great and money saving price is assured.

Make room for souvenirs, once in Paris all those gift shops and indigenous products call to the frugal traveler with a siren's voice and sometimes entices the traveler to buy more than is called for.

Watch yourself out there, you don't want to get taken advantage of when it comes to money. Absolutely, make a reservation or two for a five star restaurant while in Paris. Have fun and make some noise; not too much, just enough to get noticed.

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