Solo travel can be one of the best opportunities for self-discovery. Away from the prejudices and opinions of company, you can enjoy the liberty to play by your own rules, carve your own itinerary and indulge in your own tastes of travel. Our UNIGLOBE experts bring you the top destinations you should be looking to explore as a solo traveler.

No. 1: New Zealand

In New Zealand or the 'Home of Middle-earth with lush settings, golden plains, enchanting mountains and captivating valleys, offers travelers the perfect scope for adventure while bungee jumping, jet boating, and hiking on the legendary Milford Track. Home to glaciers, rainforests, the peaks of the Southern Alps and the friendliest and most open-minded people in the world — New Zealand is a must visit especially for those going solo.

No. 2: Norway

Varied landscapes that extend across the Arctic Circle, fjord-indented coastline and its mountains, ski resorts, lakes and woods make Norway is a great destination for solo travelers. Unspoiled nature, historic and cultural buildings make it a distinct attraction within Europe. This country has much to offer to the skiing and hiking enthusiasts of the world.

No. 3: Switzerland

Switzerland, a land of four languages, is all about epic journeys and sublime experiences. Home to the majestic Alps, enthralling mountain views, medieval bridges make this small landlocked country picture perfect, with not a hair out of place. It is a natural choice for solo travelers. The stately, pedestrian-friendly Zurich, the shores of Lake Geneva and the museums of Montreux and Lausanne, will not leave you disappointed.

No. 4: Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the world’s happiest country, has been drawing travelers for decades to surf on the Pacific coast or join a rafting company for a day on the white water of the Reventazón or Pacuare rivers. If comfort is a priority, book one of the country’s storied adventure lodges and head out for day trips in the cloud forest.

No. 5: Austria

Small and compact, Vienna is one of the easiest European cities to navigate as a solo traveler. Start with an abundance of concert halls, dozens of museums, and cafés where you are expected to linger, a tried-and-true Viennese tradition. Salzburg another is even smaller but equally welcoming to singles. A superb rail network means that getting anywhere else in the country, from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel to Graz, is easy.

(In this article, references have been drawn from Travel + Leisure)


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