Every year brings a new round of gadgets, from video consoles to smartphones and flat screen televisions. Some of the best gadgets of 2012 included the data streaming sticks, as well as a new generation of ultra thin televisions and the iPad Mini.

2013 is set to be just as exciting, with new gadgets expected to include the long rumored release of the XBox 720, the Samsung Galaxy SIV and HD Media Routers for ultra fast internet, itself boosted by the spread of 4G. UNIGLOBE experts have compiled a list of 10 gadgets to look for in 2013. Let's take a first look at these gadgets:

XBOX 720

While this one has been on the cards for several years, 2013 should be the year that we finally get our hands on the Microsoft XBox 720. The console is believed to have an optical drive for superfast streaming from the cloud, as well as graphic levels that will put games onto the high resolution level of CGI films


Already a reality, infrared keyboards combine holographic and infrared technology. Mini projectors create a flexible display that can be typed onto and can provide a virtual keyboard for different devices.


OK, so this one came out at the end of November, but should be one of the most popular gadgets of 2013. The Wii U includes a more portable console, as well as a touch screen controller and enhanced HD graphics.


Another version of the iPad Mini, this one will include the same liquid crystal display that Apple currently uses with the iPhone. The main benefit to this switch will be a sharper resolution, which will make it easier to read content and eBooks on the device.


The fourth generation of the Samsung Galaxy is expected to arrive in February 2013. The South Korean developed smartphone will have a 5 inch OLED display, up to 128 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM and an ARM Cortex A15 quad core.


This NIA works as a way to enhance gaming effectively. The NIA allows gamers to respond much quicker in gameplay giving them an advantage in terms of transmitting their reflexes for situations.


Not so much a gadget as a potential network for accelerating the use of various gadgets, 4G is growing in scale across India with the launch of the first network by Airtel in April 2012. As it grows in 2013, we can expect highly improved internet connectivity with faster cloud computing


Wireless connections can benefit from new HD Media Routers, which will be designed to handle much faster speeds and expanded bandwidth.


Users that are frustrated by low battery life on their smartphones and other devices will be able to use wristband chargers. These chargers will come with stored energy, which can be used to top up devices when you can’t get to a power supply.


Brands like LX2 are offering hands free cameras that can be comfortably worn, and can be connected to wireless networks in order to capture and stream videos in real time to the internet.

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