While all of us exercise utmost care in guarding our boarding passes with our dear lives before taking that flight, seldom do we pay much attention to its whereabouts once we have safely boarded our flight and secured our seats in the aircraft. Sometimes we throw it in the plane, other times we leave it in the hotel room, or just chuck it.

According to our UNIGLOBE experts, this seemingly harmless activity of throwing out your boarding passes can prove to be an extremely costly affair! Read on to find out how.

Believe it or not, your boarding pass or that little piece of paper you completely disregard once it has performed its role of getting you onboard that aircraft, is not something you afford to be careless about.

It holds the key to a plethora of personal information and data. The QR code or bar code on the pass contains a vast amount of your personal data including your email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers. This information falling in the hands of the wrong person can prove to be a complete disaster by making it extremely simple for anyone to steal your identity and access your personal financial information. In this case, the apparently simple act of throwing out your boarding pass has the potential of costing you your entire life’s savings and your peace of mind.


Even if you don’t hold it as dear to your life as you did before the flight, never throw out your boarding pass or leave it behind in the aircraft or hotel or anyplace, where it stands at risk of getting into the hands of miscreants who may exploit your personal information to steal your hard earned savings, concludes our UNIGLOBE expert.


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