The seemingly simple habits such as the time taken to answer the telephone or return an email have an enormous influence on customer satisfaction. In fact, most often it’s these simple acts that determine the distinction between client delight and dismay.

The results of the Annual Client Satisfaction Survey prove that at UNIGLOBE, we take each aspect of client satisfaction, big or small, very seriously. Full marks from nine in ten clients in this year’s survey is testimony to our commitment. Read on to know the complete story…

Annually, UNIGLOBE offices worldwide participate in the Client Satisfaction Survey where clients anonymously submit their reviews on all essential service parameters. The completed surveys worldwide are redirected to UNIGLOBE Travel International for compilation and analysis. The results are then tabulated at UNIGLOBE International World Headquarters. The survey categories include booking accuracy, provision of options and alternatives based on travel needs, telephone response time, email response time and overall service, while the survey addresses reliability, decision support and basic services essential to winning and keeping clients. Participants rate service quality on a scale of one to five, with one being poor and five being excellent.

“Consumer insights are so important. It’s really the only way we know how to focus our development efforts for the future. Surveys help validate those efforts so we know we’re on the right track. The most encouraging result is seeing that nine out of every ten of our respondents would recommend UNIGLOBE services to others,” says our UNIGLOBE expert.

The results of the survey help UNIGLOBE TMCs and the international UNIGLOBE brand to set goals for continuous quality improvement. At UNIGLOBE, we use this information to hone our knowledge and to select or build the technology tools needed to service our clients better and faster. 


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