Annually, UNIGLOBE offices worldwide participate in a Client Satisfaction Survey. Clients can submit their reviews anonymously and results are tabulated at UNIGLOBE International World headquarters. We are pleased to report that once again, 9 in 10 clients gave UNIGLOBE high marks for service and dependability. Find out why here …

Clients rated service quality on a scale of one to five, with one being poor and five being excellent. Surveys were anonymous but clients could choose to self-identify. Responses were automatically forwarded to UNIGLOBE international headquarters in Vancouver, Canada for analysis.

“With business and leisure travellers becoming increasingly time starved and yet seeking more and more personalisation in their service - seat, meal preferences, mileage programs and much more – professional development of our travel experts and customized online self-service tools for clients are key. Different companies respond differently to this trend. Here at UNIGLOBE, we use this information to hone our knowledge and to select or build the technology tools needed to service our clients better and faster,” opines owner, UNIGLOBE Travel. The company’s flagship product, Complete Access Online is an example of such applied learning. It was developed in response to three very specific client needs identified from our survey’s:

  1. Travellers wanted to be able to quickly lookup available flight schedules without having to pick-up the phone or call.
  2. Business owners wanted to make sure that travel options displayed to their travellers were compliant with their corporate policy entitlements and ‘cheapest in-policy’ flights were given on-screen preference for cost containment purposes.
  3. Both travellers and business owners indicated that whatever the online tool might be, it should be fully supported by travel experts at their TMC’s (Travel Management Company’s) office. In other words, they wanted the benefit of both online information access and the personalized attention and expertise of a travel professional. Experienced travellers increasingly valued travel experts who use their considerable knowledge for planning complex itineraries to make recommendations for improving the traveller experience and bring ideas, suggestions and services to lower trip costs.

“Consumer insights are so important. It’s really the only way we know how to focus our development efforts for the future. And then, future surveys help validate those efforts so we know we’re on the right track. I think the most encouraging result is seeing that nine out of every ten of our respondents would recommend UNIGLOBE services to others,” concludes owner, UNIGLOBE Travel. 


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