As companies look for improved ways to control travel costs, UNIGLOBE Travel experts talk about the next BIG trend in cost containment - automated pre-trip authorization and how it’s helping companies crack down on policy violations.

Fast-forward to 2014. The rupee is still in the doldrums; the world economy is in a fragile state overall, and demand to ensure employees are traveling with good reason and within policy is on the rise.

Enter… pre-trip authorization. But what exactly is pre-trip authorization?

Essentially it is a practice that ensure managers have actionable information before a trip is ticketed, not after the trip is over.  This practice is served both manually (using paperwork) or, more recently,  through a faster and more efficient automated solution using specialized web applications plus email.  Automated pre-trip authorization is regarded as one of the best practices in modern business travel for  helping to control costs before spending. According to UNIGLOBE Travel Management experts, it’s the single most important method for controlling travel spend.

But, what about your travel policy? Is it no longer needed?

Pre-trip authorization does not replace your travel policy, rather, it  supports effective implementation. Pre-trip notifications are generally configured for all trips for complete visibility. Using the pre-trip tool, approvers (typically managers) can approve, decline or request changes to various components of a traveler’s itinerary prior to ticketing. Managers can approve or decline trips directly from the email notification. This convenient, simple and flexible “checks-and-balances” tool allows managers to ensure their company’s travel policies are adhered to and spending is within reason. Pre-Trip approval is also an added assurance for travelers that they are making the right decisions on behalf of the company. And finally, it can also help avoid increased airfares due to missed ticket deadlines while waiting for approval.

How does it work?

Once the trip is approved the traveler is notified via email and traveler can issue his/her own tickets by logging into the system when the client is set up for “instant purchase”. Additionally, corporations can ask for an "online request form" so that all travel requests are captured electronically and follow the pre-trip authorization process. In this case however, the booking goes to the travel agency for fulfillment after approval. The system is flexible - you can set it up for pure online use by travelers or in "agent assisted" mode.

Experience even more with the UNIGLOBE pre-trip solution

For details about the UNIGLOBE pre-trip solution ask about  “Complete Access Online”. It comes “complete” with online flight schedule “look-up”, booking capability and booking history tracking. Its inbuilt pre-trip authorization tool automatically routes targeted transactions to designated line manager or approvers.   With the ability to approve and decline instantly from an email, approvers can efficiently take action from a computer or smartphone. It also works with offline transactions, helping achieve ongoing and sustainable savings in corporate travel spend.  

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A step-by-step preview  

Step 1: As a traveler, you log in with your unique credentials to research and select flight options with real time availability

Step 2: Once options are selected, profile information your about seat/meal preferences including frequent flyer numbers are automatically retrieved and installed.

Step 3: The approver gets an automatic email notification for approval (mobile compatible)

Step 4: Once approved, you are automatically notified by email.

Step 5: Now that you have been notified, you login into the tool. Here the 'send for ticketing' tab is now activated through which you can issue tickets.

Step 6: You receive your e-ticket. Its that simple!


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