Have you met a hero lately? So, what distinguishes a hero from the rest? Heroes don’t wait for opportunities, but actively seek to act on their values. This December, UNIGLOBE Experts talk about a lesser-known champion in business travel – a hero that goes about doing important detail work behind the scenes – dedicated to the cause of saving you and your company, time and, money while still enhancing traveler comfort.

Think “hero” and your mind might race from vivid flashes of Superman and Batman to that someone special in your life – a friend, family member or colleague. You are probably wondering how all this relates to business travel, right? If you’re a jet-setting executive or someone responsible for coordinating travel for an organization, you already know that the very nature of business travel calls for a hero – someone that constantly watches over all the vital details of your trips from planning to booking to the travel itself .Travel policy, preferences, pricing, pre-trip changes, mid-trip changes – all needing attention, and sometimes action…all the time.

In the travel business, it’s the Quality Manager who actually does the job of watching over reservations, making sure they are correct and completely aligned with your corporate and personal travel profiles. With airline rules and policies becoming more and more complex and millions of changes occurring every day across the travel landscape, leading  business Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) have enhanced this role by adding a robotic tool that’s every bit as personal and with only one cause embedded in its automation – to help you save time, money and travel in comfort. Always. 24/7. It’s proactive, tireless and super-fast – all the best qualities of a super-hero!

Beat the waitlist and find better fares even after ticketing!

Finding yourself on a waitlist for the flight you want to take can be troublesome, especially with your busy schedule.  A Quality Manager or Quality Control tool can check airline waitlists 24/7 to ensure you're the first in line, should a seat become available.

It constantly monitors changes in fares. If there is a better fare out there that meets your trip requirements, it’ll automatically book it under pre-defined parameters. It will also note a fare decrease as a pricing improvement opportunity for re-booking/ticketing upon approval from you or your company.

Improve your chances of getting the best seat

Tired of getting a window seat when you prefer an aisle?  A missing seat assignment is not just an inconvenience -  it could also subject you to denied boarding when flights are oversold and cause a missed meeting or appointment. Aisles, windows, right or left side of plane, priority (frequent flyer memberships), front and back of plane, bulkhead and aisles across – a Quality Manager will automatically access your travel profile and book the best possible seat on the airplane according to your preference.

What happens when your preferred seat is unavailable? The Quality Manager will continue to monitor the airline’s  seat inventory (up until time of departure) and book your preferred seat as and when it becomes available.

When you don’t want to leave your trip to chance

The heroic Quality Control tool performs multiple tasks that are necessary to ensure Personal Name Record (PNR) accuracy and compliance for a cost effective, quality trip. Imagine if your frequent flier status was missing from your reservation data? You could be denied mileage, your preferred seat and even a possible upgrade! That’s why the Quality Control tool will always run your reservations through more than 150 quality control checks to ensure that nothing slips by. It’s quite a multi-tasker, this little travel hero!

In the UNIGLOBE world, this hero is called  UNIGLOBE Complete Quality Manager (UCQM). It’s always running in the background and dealing with hundreds of changes, flawlessly, every day. It is also processing and auditing all aspects of travel management including constant lower fare searches for already booked tickets, 150 pre-ticketing quality control checks for reservation accuracy, and policy compliance and traveler preferences such as waitlist clearance and preferred seat assignments.

Now, isn’t it nice to know that at UNIGLOBE you have a travel hero on your side?


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