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The land of fine horses, Cappadocia
The land of fine horses, Cappadocia
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Cappadocia is located in Nevsehir Province,has lots of underground cities, churches and captivating terrain. This site day by day is becoming one of the favorite tourist’s spots because of its rocky formation.

Due to high sweeping winds, the Cappadocia has taken interesting shapes like that of an inverted cone, chimneys and mushrooms. It is because of its formation, travelers prefer to travel on horses.

In fact, it is very interesting to know that the name Cappadocia came from Persia and means “ the land of fine horses”. It has been believed that during the medieval period, this place was used to bread animals. Though it started with a bread of fine horses, it was also know for the fine men it had on its land. There are more than fifty churches in this valley. It still has communities that stay here and use old styles when preparing food. Some of the areas have become a part of the conservation policy and new houses would be constructed out of stone to maintain the uniqueness of this place.

Another tourist attraction is the Melendez River which has been made by inactive volcanoes over millions of years and now have deposited very thick layer of mud ash and dried lava. This is almost 1500 feet tall. Over the past years, it has remained untouched by invaders and hence, give a very real picture of the natural beauty.


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