Not all honeymoon suites are equal, but with a little digging and some gentle requests, there are all sorts of options that can be given complimentary with your honeymoon suite.

The Honeymoon Suite: 5 Options You Didn't Know Were Included
The Honeymoon Suite: 5 Options You Didn't Know Were Included

Most couples don't realize that if they make their hotel aware that they are on their honeymoon, they can receive all kinds of upgrades or extra perks during their stay. Here are 5 options for Newlyweds who want to get a little more bang for their buck.

1. When you check-in, tell the person at the desk that you are on your honeymoon. If the hotel is not over-booked they may upgrade you to a larger room or suite free of charge.

2. Leave a message in the note section when you book your accommodation. Something like "We are booking our stay at your hotel to celebrate our honeymoon." may get you a surprise bottle of wine or rose petals waiting for you when you check-in. 

3. When you are out to eat on your honeymoon, mention it to your server. You may receive a free dessert or drink on their behalf.

4. Book a Honeymoon Package at your chosen hotel. Many hotels offer this and include champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries or massages as part of the deal. Often it works out much cheaper than if you planned it all yourself. 

5. Tell the airline! If your plane isn't full and you mention that you are on your honeymoon, a stewardess may just upgrade you to a first-class seat. 

A honeymoon is about more than the freebies, but it doesn't hurt if you get a larger room or extra bottle of champagne out of the deal. 

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