Travel coordinators with UNIGLOBE, this will be music to your ears! Complete Access Online, the flagship agent desktop tool from UNIGLOBE, just got even better with the release of its all new version. Read on for an inside scoop on the latest benefits and features of this cutting edge tool that has helped you stay sane while juggling multiple travel requests, last minute cancellations and more.

New Features and Benefits of the Agent Desktop Tool or the Complete Access Online Variant for Travel Coordinators

1.SAAS Model

The version 2.0 of 1-Source is based on the Software at a Service Model (SAAS Model). This architectural change ensures that the system responds at lightning fast speed and is highly stable with 99.99% uptime.

2.Mobile Optimization

This feature ensures that our clients can access our system not only using their laptops, but from their mobile devices as well and allows them to search, book, and raise a travel request from anywhere using their mobile handset.

3.Live Fare Rules from Low Cost Carriers (Indigo)

No more visiting low cost carrier’s (LCC) website to seek the latest airfares. Live fare rules of LCC are now visible within the tool at a click of a button.

4.Docket System Creation

This ensures that the UNIGLOBE Corporate traveler has their seat blocked as soon as they request a fare quote from UNIGLOBE Agencies. Thus, the seat is secured while the fare quote is sent to the client and under their review.

5.Upload Corporate Logo

Now the new complete access online offers a co-branded solution to corporate customers with the ability to upload their corporate logo.

6.Check on Duplicate Bookings

With the duplicate booking check feature, you now have one thing less to worry about, inadvertent duplication in bookings.

7.Fare Break-up Template

Bifurcation of fares reflecting the details of each component of the fare, including the agent’s fee, allows maintaining greater transparency with clients.

8.Cancellation Auto Pick

The new tool comes with the ability to auto pick live cancellation charges from GDS and LCC (Indigo) thus ensuring accuracy of information.

9.Guest Bookings

Unlike earlier, you now have the flexibility to make bookings for guests of clients. This gives you the ability to delight clients with an affirmative when an odd request for guest bookings comes along.

10.Refundable and Non-refundable Fare Search (for GDS and Full Time Carriers)

Next time you get a specific request for a refundable or non-refundable airfare booking, you can filter your search for only the relevant results and respond to your client quicker.

With the New Complete Access Online Tool, you are set to raise the bar of client servicing to an all new high!



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