Offering exercise, fresh air and an intimate perspective on the world, walking is one of the purest pleasures of travelling. In fact, some of the most memorable experiences can only happen on foot. In this article, our UNIGLOBE experts take you through all there is to know about a walking vacation.

Why walk?

If you’re reasonably fit and enjoy being out in the open air, a walking trip is what you should go for this summer. Experience each destination at a leisurely pace, getting within a few yards of the local wildlike. If you tend to pick up a few pounds on every vacation, a walking tour is the perfect antidote our UNIGLOBE experts recommend. Unlike other adventure activities such as biking or kayaking, walking is something most travellers can do anytime, anywhere, without special training or equipment besides a comfortable pair of shoes.

Types of walk

An Italian culinary tour that involves strolling through small villages is one of the easiest tours, involving walking with traditional sightseeing – so you may spend the morning in a country hike and then go shopping. More intense trips may involve walking or hiking steadily throughout the day, or combine walking with other outdoor activities such as kayaking or horseback riding. The most difficult trips are better described as trekking, and typically involve high altitude, rough conditions and specialized equipment.

Where to walk?

According to our UNIGLOBE experts, the most popular destinations for walking trips are Europe and the US but you’ll also find tours in Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Peru, Morocco, South Africa, Chile, Southeast Asia and beyond.

How to prepare

Prepare your body by walking regularly in the weeks before you depart. Try to build up to the kind of walking you’ll be doing during your trip, whether that involves hills, long distances or rough terrain. If you’ll be carrying a day pack, on your trip, bring it along as you train to get used to its weight. Most importantly wear the same footwear you’ll for your trip.

What to pack for a walking vacation

  1. Comfortable walking shoes
  2. High quality, waterproof socks
  3. Day pack
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Wide-brimmed hat
  8. Walking stick or trekking poles for uneven terrain

Now armed with all the information you need to plan your walking vacation and our UNIGLOBE experts just a call away to assist you with any additional details you may require, take a break from lazy afternoons and long slumbers while battling it out with the heat.  This summer go take a walk!


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