Looking for a great way to see Venice? Then check out the Venice Walking Tour & Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy. The Venice Walking Tour & Gondola Ride takes visitors on a guided walking tour of Venice and then on a gondola ride through the Grand Canal.

Going to Venice and not taking a Gondola ride is almost sacrilegious. There is nothing more "typical" Venice than a romantic ride down its scenic waterways. With the Venice Walking Tour & Gondola Ride you will be able to go home with your head held high, and tell all of your jealous friends and family about the highlight of your trip. Your Venice Walking Tour & Gondola Ride includes a memorable 35-minute gondola ride as well as 1.5 hours walking around the city with a knowledgeable guide. 

Your tour begins at Piazza San Marco where you will meet with your group and leader. You will make your way around Venice on a leisurely stroll as your guide introduces you to some of the lesser-known sites in Venice. You will end the walking tour by hopping on a Venetian Gondola where you will have 35-minutes to explore the beautiful city by water.A Venice Walking Tour & Gondola Ride will be the highlight of your trip, and is an absolute must for any first-time visitor to Venice.

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