Have you ever wanted to take a trip on a steam train? Then check out the Glenbrook Vintage Railway in Glenbrook, New Zealand. The Glenbrook Vintage Railway offers a trip back in time through the beautiful rural Franklin countryside, aboard a lovingly restored vintage steam train.

Step back in time on a steam train at Glenbrook Vintage Railway
Step back in time on a steam train at Glenbrook Vintage Railway

We often see these vintage steam trains in commercials, tv series, and movies but we don’t really appreciate them of what they really are, and that’s because of one thing, and that’s haven’t had an experience riding in one at Glenbrook Vintage Railway! Take a ride and feel the thrill of riding in a vintage steam train! Bring back the memory of your ancestors and experience first-hand riding a vintage steam train. Go back in time when steam trains were the means of travelling from places to places.

At Glenbrook Vintage Railway, you’ll get to take a train ride while staring at scenic views. Get to see other vintage locomotives and in stock under overhaul or repairs. Staffed with a handful of helpful and polite volunteers, you’ll surely get the answers you need about steam trains at Glenbrook Vintage Railway and more. They will also provide delicious meals for a spectacular and a worry-free ride.

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