Vintage clothing has a lot of history and sometimes allows for a stronger statement than the must-have of the season. Vintage purses, household items and accessories is that edge you have been seeking. Here are 5 of the top vintage stores across the globe.

Shop in the World's Top Vintage Stores
Shop in the World's Top Vintage Stores
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With Retro back on the fashion scene, shopping vintage has reclaimed its place in the fashion world. Shopping for second hand vintage items is every shopper's new hobby. As vintage mania sweeps through the Western World, there are 5 stores you have to visit. The only question you should ponder is: do you have a good dry cleaner? 

  1. Treasure Island, Naples, Florida: After being set up in a strip mall 18 years ago, Dottie and Neil Simpson’s sprawling 14,000-square-foot Floridian powerhouse is now packed with 35 dealers of mid-century furniture, vintage clothing, Chinese antiques, retro records and antique jewelry.

  2. Grandma Takes a Trip, Sydney, Australia: It stocks pieces from the US, UK, Russia and the Czech Republic, and you can request the in-house tailor, who ensure you find the perfect fit.

  3. Collette, South Hampton, New York: An edited consignment store amid preppy chain shops on Main Street. 

  4. Le Monde Du Voyage, Paris: This famed stand at the Serpette Market has lured industry insiders for over 25 years for its antique luggage and accessories, proving a worthy trek to Clignancourt.

  5. Rellik, London: This store stocks pieces that you cannot get elsewhere and are not in production anymore. 

​Whenever in these cities, visit these stores for luxury vintage items. 

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