Exorbitant taxes and telephone charges – these are just a few of the pesky fees that hotels are tacking onto your bills. Here are some of the most common hidden charges that sneak their way into your bills and take you by surprise (read shock). To keep these shockers at bay, ensure that you always check with your UNIGLOBE expert about the following charges.

1. Airport shuttle: Some hotels are now starting to charge a fee for the usually complimentary services such as the shuttle from the airport. Next time you board that shuttle, make sure you’re aware of the charges, if applicable.

2. Bottled water and snacks: Think twice before touching that inviting box of cookies or the "complimentary" bottle of water that the hotel has left on your desk. As tempting and convenient as they appear, these indulgences come at a price!

3. Safe fees: If you find there's a safe in your room that you're being charged for when you arrive, politely ask that it be removed or inform the hotel staff that you don't want a safe in your room and would like to switch rooms.

4. Internet fees: You might get free Wi-Fi in the lobby, but using it in the room will cost you and these charges can be as quite high. Therefore, it is best to clear things up ahead of time by enquiring about the ‘in room Wi-Fi’ charges.

Avoid these unwanted charges tacked on to your hotel bill by taking ‘nothing for granted’. Before using any service or facility, simply ask if a fee applies. Or even better, just book your travel with UNIGLOBE. Our transparent ways and travel expertise ensure not only are you aware of every penny spent but you also get every penny’s worth. With UNIGLOBE Travel, the only kind of surprises you’re in for are pleasant ones!


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