Want to experience the Atacama Desert on mountain bike? Then check out the Chile Mountain Bike Tour. On this tour visitors will take a 14-mile ride in the driest desert in the World to see ruins and the Portal de Jazpampa.

See the Natural Beauty of the Desert on a Chile Mountain Bike Tour
See the Natural Beauty of the Desert on a Chile Mountain Bike Tour

Take on a real adventure with Chile Mountain Bike Tour and get to explore the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert. Grab this challenging experience and together with your guide and other adventurist, you’ll be having a mountain bike ride of a lifetime.

Chile Mountain Bike Tour is an approximate 10-hour long adventure where you’ll get to explore the vast desert by riding a mountain bike. With a bilingual and friendly guide, you will be heading on to the Atacama Desert with the most extreme conditions. Being a Challenging tour, it comes with a most rewarding experience, and that is the unique beauty of the unspoiled nature that is the desert and the achievement of riding through the driest desert in the world. You’ll also be visiting famous landmark attractions like the Dolores Historical Mark Ruins and the abandoned nitrate office “Zapiga”. So prepare yourself for a challenging mountain bike ride and experience the beauty of the Chilean desert.

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