Want to see Mount Everest from the air? Then check out the Everest Experience: Mountain Flight Tour in Nepal. On this tour visitors will enjoy aerial views of Mount Everest and other nearby Himalayan peaks.

See Mount Everest from the Air on a Mount Everest Flight Tour
See Mount Everest from the Air on a Mount Everest Flight Tour

Take on the ultimate challenge of seeing the height of Mount Everest, but in the safest way possible, do it with Mount Everest Flight Tour. Mount Everest is the majestic of the majestic, that’s why people from all around the world come to visit it. The problem is that Mount Everest can be too harsh to climb, that’s why three airlines (Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, and Simrik Air) operate to provide you a service to see Mount Everest up close from an altitude of 6,500-7500 meters.

Mount Everest Flight Tour is an hour long flight tour in which you’ll get to admire the world famous Mount Everest. But that’s not all, you’ll also get the chance to see other mountains ranging from 6,800 to 8,500 meters like the Shisa Pangma, Gauri Shanker, Melungtse, Cho Oyu and a lot more. With aircrafts modified and upgraded for the safety and comfort of the passengers, you’ll definitely be remembering the flight to Mount Everest for a very long time.

Call us now and we’ll have you flying to a majestic mountain on a Mount Everest Flight Tour!

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