Looking for a rock climbing adventure? Then check out the Whistler Rock Climbing Adventure. Visitors will learn a variety of climbs and rappels at a specially designed crag and no previous climbing experience is necessary.

See Another Side of the Mountain on a Whistler Rock Climbing Adventure
See Another Side of the Mountain on a Whistler Rock Climbing Adventure

Experience a climb of a lifetime with Whistler Rock Climbing Adventure and feel your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing with every step of the way. Designed for beginners, average climbers, or a seasoned veteran, you will have the option to climb crags at your comfort and capability.

Whistler Rock Climbing Adventure will take about 3.5 hours of your time filled with top-rope climbing. If you’re a first timer or needing work on your climbing, don’t worry, expert and friendly guides will happily teach you the ways of the ropes. You can then later on test your new learned skill on several different crags of all difficulties. Whistler Rock Climbing is a perfect way to relieve some of those stress and worries with your partner, friends, or relatives. Take on this ultimate experience and proudly carry a title of a rock-climber.

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