Ever wanted to learn more about Creoles? Then check out the French Quarter Walking Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana. On this tour visitors will stroll along the Mighty Mississippi, through the French Market and Jackson Square, and down the quaint streets.

Discover the history and legends of the mysterious neighborhood of the French Quarter in New Orleans. On this walking tour, follow your guide as you saunter down the sidewalks of Royal Street, Bourbon Street and other quaint streets named after European saints and sinners. Your guide will teach you about the Creole people and point out the architecture and homes of this area, originally settled by the French in the early 1700s.

The French Quarter, also known as the Vieux Carré (‘Old Square'), is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Many of the quarter’s buildings actually pre-date the city itself, giving the area a quaint, mysterious old-world feel.

On this guided walking tour, follow in the footsteps of historic figures such as French privateer Jean Lafitte and American playwright Tennessee Williams as you stroll along the Mississippi River, through the French Market and Jackson Square, and down the banquettes (sidewalks) of streets named after European saints and sinners like St. Louis and Dumaine.

Your guide will bring the French Quarter to life with stories, legends and interesting facts about the Creole people and the architecture, courtyards, food, music, art and gardens that all lend to this district’s unique character. You’ll also take a guided tour of the Old Ursuline Convent, the oldest building in the Mississippi River Valley and one of the few surviving buildings from French colonial days. 

Throughout your tour, your guide will delve into some of the darker realities of this area of New Orleans, including its history of yellow fever, voodoo and the grisly medical practices of the 19th century such as leeching and bloodletting.

After your enlightening journey, end your tour in the shady comfort of the newly renovated courtyard and herb garden of the Ursuline Convent.

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