Freezing on your summer travel plans at the eleventh hour? Chances are that you are already under mounting pressure from family to turn things around quickly, lest their summer break will be reduced into insignificance. In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts rescue you while bringing the focus on one travel basic that makes you an ever-ready traveler – Your Travel Profile.

For that matter, even while closing on travel plans well in advance, most of you would agree that providing the same piece of basic information over and over can be quite annoying. To save you from sheer annoyance and save you some valuable time, just follow one piece of our advice – always keep your UNIGLOBE travel profile up-to-date!

Travel in so many ways it’s really about you and things you want or like – even if it is planned last minute. It is meant to be tailored for a truly personal travel experience for you. Therefore, travel professionals like UNIGLOBE experts make it their business to base their craft around their knowledge of you. So if you prefer a particular type of seat or prefer a particular meal type or a smoking room upon check-in to your hotel – they’ll get it for you either using their connections or their tools.

Make sure you tell your travel expert everything about how you like to travel or your travel entitlement or even places you want to see on your next vacation -it all adds up to form a collection or a record of your wants and likes – your very own travel profile.

“At UNIGLOBE, our sophisticated online tool lets you keep your profile up-to-date via your own, personal and highly secure login. When it comes to travel preferences, making it fast and easy for our travelers to communicate updates and maintain their travel profile is key for us,” says our UNIGLOBE expert.

Last minute or planned, make travel more “about you” in 2016. Call or write-in to your UNIGLOBE experts today and keep us posted if you’ve got some updates that we should know about.


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