Want to play on a championship golf course? Then try a round of Golf at Biarritz Le Phare in Biarritz, France. Visitors will play the second oldest golf course in France, twinned with Augusta National and home to 17 international championships.

Pack your bags and grab your golf clubs and try out the second oldest golf course in France, the Biarritz Le Phare. With a total area of 34 hectares, it covers a 69 par and 5402 meters in total length. Test your swinging and precision skills as you try out the golf course with a total of 70 bunkers. Take the family with you and together, you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and have a relaxing time with nearby Biarritz’s beach resorts.

Biarritz Le Phare had been the host to 17 international championships and will surely continue doing so, assuring you of a challenging and exciting golf. Swing to your heart’s delight and get to experience what champions had been experiencing for a long time. If you forgot or don’t own a golf club, you can still have a good golfing experience by renting out Golf equipment. So why settle for average golf courses if you can take on one of the best golf courses in Biarritz, France.

Contact us now and we’ll have you swinging in no time at Biarritz Le Phare!

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