With only a couple of months to go before your impending mid-year trip with family, the time is ripe to get planning. Starting with the first leg of planning, the all important research, might be overwhelming with the multitude of research channels and probable destinations to choose from. In this article, become the master of researching that perfect holiday, with our UNIGLOBE experts.

“When it comes to planning a vacation, the vast number of options, the need to avoid ‘hidden” costs, the conflicting opinions from others can all make researching your next vacation destination quite daunting,” points out a UNIGLOBE Travel expert. So what to do?

Get your travel ideas flowing

Create a list of things you really want to do. Don’t research anything. Just put down your ideas for what you really want to do for a vacation. Do not allow limitations to creep in. If it is something your heart really wants to do, add it to your list without even thinking about the how.   

Dive deeper into your list of ideas

Once you have your list of travel ideas ready, make the process of planning faster, efficient and fun by starting your research on ideas on the UNIGLOBE Travel leisure portal, which allows you to quickly and effectively develop suitable vacation options that fit with your overall goals, likes, and interests. It’s a platform that converges three of your most significant needs:

  1. Travel ideas. Find hundreds of travel blogs, pictures and videos for inspiration, loads of destination information for activities, sightseeing options and things to do when you arrive in your dream destination. Take advantage of our Experts research to find the latest collection of well-priced, ready-made holiday packages including some of the most exciting value offers for the season. Offers may include an extra room night at no cost, an automatic room upgrade or an included excursion to a local attraction or something more! These packages have been assessed to ensure there are “no surprises” that could affect your vacation.
  2. Interaction. Create your profile and set up virtual interactions for information exchanges with other fellow travelers from your area. Or just browse through travel reviews. Expand your interaction further by selecting a UNIGLOBE Expert to directly weigh in on your questions and comments. Your UNIGLOBE Expert is able to maintain a confidential, full history of your preferences and interests, so that when you do go ahead with booking your trip, it will fulfill your likes and interests completely.
  3. Engagement. Click a button from your profile to invite friends and family from your social media networks to join the conversation. Get their views, experiences and opinions into your decision-making process. Get your UNIGLOBE expert to share their expertise in response to your needs.

With research out of your way, all you have to do is book your vacation with your UNIGLOBE expert. Thanks to all the good work with the research – your vacation will be nothing less than picture perfect! Happy Holidays!


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