Are you ready for a little Magic? At MagiQuest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina visitor explore the MagiQuest Kingdom and participate in the ultimate adventure.

Outwit a Dragon, Battle a Goblin and Befriend a Pixie at MagiQuest
Outwit a Dragon, Battle a Goblin and Befriend a Pixie at MagiQuest

Treat your kids to one of the best pixie befriending, dragon outwitting, magic enchanting, ancient wizard learning and wand handling live in action only here at MagiQuest in Myrtle Beach. Let the kids be kids and let them explore the magic in MagiQuest. Let their imagination be at its best with the enchanting Kingdom of MagiQuest.

At MagiQuest in Myrtle Beach, you can host a most memorable birthday party with wands, an hour of playtime, snacks, party products, celebration rooms, and a souvenir photo. A truly magical experience with different settings, characters and problems to solve in the kingdom of MagiQuest will leave you wanting for more.

In addition with all the fun and games here in MagiQuest, an education program also is provided for the kids from grades 3-8 to practice and shape their creative writing, designed specifically to inspire students to put into writing their magical experiences.

Contact us now and start the magic in you and your kids with MagiQuest!

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