Do you want to tour dwellings that date back to 950-1300 A.D? Then take a Betatakin cliff dwelling tour at the Navajo National Monument in Arizona. This prehistoric village was home to the Betatakin and the Keet Seel and the miraculously preserved ruins of their dwellings date back to 950-1300 A.D.

Navajo National Monument: Ancient Ruins of a Prehistoric Village
Navajo National Monument: Ancient Ruins of a Prehistoric Village

Spend a day in the splendid Arizona sun discovering ancient American Indian dwellings at Navajo National Monument. Nestled along the breathtaking scenery of the park are the Betatakin and Keet Seel ruins that date back to 950-1300 A.D. Navajo National Monument offers guided tours of both sites. Betatakin is free to visit, but you will need a permit to see Keet Seel as well as advanced booking as only 20 people are permitted on the site per day.

Visiting Betatakin requires a strenuous 5-mile hike that takes between three and five hours. To get to Keet Seel the journey is approximately 17 miles of rough terrain, many times wading through water. It is possible to camp near the site in the evening before returning back to the visitor's center the next day. 

The experience of visiting Navajo National Park is incomparable. Although you can expect to put in a little effort, you will be well rewarded by the ruins. 

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