If you want wildlife below and above waves, this is the place for you!

Most peaceful and unique place in the world, Galapagos Islands
Most peaceful and unique place in the world, Galapagos Islands


The enchanted Galapagos Islands are said to be one of the most peaceful and unique place on earth.

The islands are 19 in number, surrounding numerous marine reserves. The place is also called the living museum and the showcase of the evolution. Due to active volcanic eruptions and extreme isolation on the islands, a new kind of animal life emerged. For example, the evolution of giant tortoise and land iguana, all based on the Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Even though the island is located on the equator, the water currents bring cold water to the islands, leading frequent drizzles all through the year. From a period of June to November, the temperature of the islands is 22 degree Celsius. The temperature rises up to 2 more degrees from December to May with no winds but heavy rainfall. 

Abundant wildlife above and below the waves draws eco-tourists to Ecuador's Galapagos. Get up close on a stroll or in a Zodiac boat. Snorkel and dive with denizens of the deep, from sea lions to sea turtles at Santiago's Cousin's Rock. Hike by finches, flamingos and iguanas along the Darwin Trail. Admire Sierra Negra Volcano on Isabela. As visitor numbers are limited within the islands' National Park, book your boat tour through a tour operator. Visit January through April for the best snorkeling.

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