A long flight layover doesn’t have to mean disrupting your work schedule. Thanks to increasingly popular airport lounges, business travelers can still get down to business en route. UNIGLOBE experts evaluate the benefits and discuss affordable ways to get access to some of the best lounges across airports worldwide.

The solution to many travel woes can be found in airport lounges.  “Airport lounges are perfect place for business travelers, with amenities such as free drinks and meals, comfortable seating, full bathrooms with showers and even spa services, lounges have become popular among business travelers.” says a UNIGLOBE Expert.

UNIGLOBE experts talk about lounges that strive to encompass all the business-friendly extras, which will help you stay productive en route, whether that means high-tech workstations and conference rooms, a personal assistant to fax your documents, or a whiskey lounge and private bathtub for relaxing before your big presentation. World-class lounges today can be accessed through affordable lounge programs like the UNIGLOBE Priority Pass program; a membership based program that allows you to access airport lounges in almost every corner of the world.

Taking UNIGLOBE Priority pass program example and elaborating further, you have the choice to select a membership plan that suits your particular traveling needs. If you are a frequent traveler who is on the go most of the time, you could select the “prestige” plan that allows unlimited number of visits. If your traveling is limited to once a month you could go for “Standard plus” plan that allows 10 complimentary visits per year. Travelers also have choice to access the lounges on pay per visit basis.

Featured lounges this month covered under UNIGLOBE Priority pass program.

Dubai - International (DXB), Terminal 1, Concourse C

This lounge is an oasis of calm for business travelers with exceptionally comfortable and spacious seating. You’ll find a host of facilities that include complimentary hot and cold dishes. There are 6 workstations powered with a high-speed internet connection. Complimentary WIFI and quiet areas are also available. If you like, you can even shower up on your way out and board your onward flight – fresh!

Frankfurt - Main (FRA), Terminal 1

The lounge offers all that you could need as a business traveler - a separate meeting area for events, a conference room facility, comfortable showers, complimentary drinks and snacks as well as all business amenities to make your business trip a success.

Singapore - Changi (SIN), Terminal 1

This newly renovated lounge is built around a modern rainforest theme. The lounge offers wide-ranging amenities that include cable television, free wireless internet, the latest magazines and newspapers, food and beverages, shower facility and an array of relaxing lifestyle services such as massage, beauty, spa and even a Jacuzzi to freshen you up.

London - Heathrow (LHR), Terminal 3

Offering a ‘help yourself’ approach, the lounge extends a great range of complimentary snacks, teas, coffees and soft drinks as well as wines, beers and spirits. So sit back, enjoy free Wi-Fi, watch TV or simply relax with a newspaper or glossy magazine while you take in the runway views.

“We find that more and more travelers ask us about lounge programs. It’s clear that today business travelers place high importance on staying connected and landing ready for business. A lounge is the obvious choice and therefore programs like UNIGLOBE Priority Pass are increasingly important and popular ”, concludes a UNIGLOBE Expert.

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