The travel industry is undergoing a remarkable change – from how companies manage spend to new payment solutions. In order to ensure that the changing face of business travel means only one thing for you – a much improved travel experience, our UNIGLOBE experts will gather at the 11th Regional Conference to become Masters of Change.

The 11th Regional Conference marks an important milestone as it brings valuable insights for an in-depth understanding of industry changes, trends and more. Each session at the conference will unfold with knowledge and experiences that will help your UNIGLOBE experts to serve you better through cutting edge tools and managing and optimizing your business for more revenue.

At the heart of this year’s keynote, is a Master of Change – Jaaved Jafferi. As the most versatile cinema personality - an actor, director, choreographer, dancer and songwriter, Jaaved’s quest for success began thirty years ago when he decided to break away from convention to adopt a distinct approach that ultimately changed the face of Indian comedy.

To further help your UNIGLOBE experts expand their boundaries and become true Masters of Change, the conference also hosts ‘Dialogue in the Dark, a contemporary and internationally acclaimed workshop that prepares your experts to work in ambiguity, find order in chaos and get comfortable leading in uncertain circumstances.



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