When business has your team trotting around the globe, it can take quite a toll of them physically, mentally, and emotionally. How can you ensure your team is managing the obligation in a healthy manner?

Is Frequent Travel Stressing Out Your Team?
Is Frequent Travel Stressing Out Your Team?


For many people, travelling to new and interesting places around the world is a treat, but even the most active traveller can take on too much of a good thing. Many factors can add to problems while travelling, such as worrying about catching a flight, lost luggage, and being away from one's family. When your team starts to feel the stress of too-frequent business trips, it can manifest negative feelings and anxiety which can cause conflicts between employees and even affect their work efficiency.

It's important to ensure that your team is dealing with their stress properly, but what can you do to make sure you're offering the best possible solutions? Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure accommodations are comfortable, quiet, and equipped with internet connections and leisure time devices like a television and satellite service.
  • Give travelling employees a pre-paid phone card so they can communicate with their family without worrying about the long-distance charges from the hotel.
  • Offer gym memberships to your employees at home, but take the extra initiative to make sure the hotel you book has it's own fitness centre that your employees can use to maintain physical fitness.
  • Prepare a list of restaurants that offer healthy options, as well as comfort food ... the trick is to make them feel at home.
  • If your team will be driving themselves around, map out the easiest routes from the hotel to conferencing centres, restaurants, etc., otherwise, have a car ready to take them anywhere without having to worry about catching a bus or hailing cabs.

Keep your team happy and they'll take you around the world (no pun intended).


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