Planning a company meeting outside the office? A meeting “away from home” is often the best way to generate new enthusiasm and ideas, and renew commitment to company goals. In this story, UNIGLOBE experts guide you through a series of tips for a great and memorable off-site meeting.

An off-site meeting can really shake things up and revitalize your employees, building team spirit and getting everyone’s creative juices flowing. Make sure that this essential advice from UNIGLOBE Experts is taken into consideration before you plan your next (or first ever) off-site in 2014.

Pick a creative location.

The surroundings of your off-site meeting can make an enormous difference. Hotels and conference centers are great locations, but they’re not the only options. Some creative alternatives include camping sites, theme parks, historic places & beach resorts. Think outside the box or ask destination specialists such as your UNIGLOBE Experts for ideas in and around India or elsewhere in the world.

Identify the activities.

Set aside some time to allow employees to have fun. There may be a number of activities in and around the off-site that you could be a part of. Bringing a UNIGLOBE expert early on into the planning process can be especially helpful in this regard.

Using their knowledge, connections and research capabilities, UNIGLOBE experts can provide valuable insights and suggestions on appropriate activities that are either a “must-have” experience for the destination or complement the objective of your off-site. 

Negotiating the costs.

An off-site is likely to attract transportation, facility rental, equipment rental, accommodations, catering, and entertainment costs. UNIGLOBE experts can help prevent your budget from swelling up and maximize saving opportunities for you through a network of reputed and local service providers.

Knowing the right time to travel.

UNIGLOBE Experts particularly stress the importance of ‘timing your travel well’. As one expert explains, “choosing the right time to travel is important to ensure you have a great time. For example, if you are planning outdoor activities in a certain destination during the rainy season there, chances are that your experience will be less than optimal.” On the other hand, our experts also point out an interesting paradox – traveling to a certain destination during the “off-season” can fetch you a great deal overall. As an example, some destinations like Goa have large resorts that offer ample recreational, fun and educational opportunities for a group of company employees even it its pouring out there.

Space out your program.

Getting travel professionals to plan your schedule is important. UNIGLOBE Experts can build in travel time and guide you to set an agenda that honors that. As one UNIGLOBE Expert points out, “At times, people end up creating tight agendas that result in unavoidable haphazard situations. Off-sites require near to accurate estimation of time it would take to move a group from one site to other. It can be pretty complex if you’re doing this all alone. For sure this needs a professional who understands the dynamics of group movement, has hands on destination knowledge and can align services accordingly. UNIGLOBE professionals are destination experts and a great choice for a company planning an off-site” 

Publish a pre-trip advisory.

Our experts recommend that the advisory include a day wise schedule, weather information and cultural information including any specific “dos and don’ts”.  Use this space to also publish contact details of your UNIGLOBE Experts so that members of your group can call or email them in case they need any support or emergency assistance.

Consult and plan your perfect off-site, call or email your UNIGLOBE Expert today.


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