As businesses across industries compete neck to neck for the attention of the most happening generation of their times, the millennials, the hotel industry is not far behind. From fancy gyms, fusion food, night clubs, communal spaces within the hotel to bright red colours and simple architecture, hotels are stopping at nothing when it comes to wooing this growing section of young, demanding and dynamic travelers. Let’s take a closer look at the trend with our UNIGLOBE experts.

While earlier, the hotel industry was concentrating much of its effort on attracting people who were mostly in their 50s and 60s, they have now set their eyes on the 'Millennials' or the Generation Y. For this new-age traveler who is health conscious and prefers to hit the gym even at one in the night for some work out before bed, hotels now offer round the clock access to their fitness and business centres.

Hotels are also developing 'E-Concierge' services for these tech-savvy guests who can order or arrange anything even before they reach the hotel. The hotels have to stay abreast with new technology as these travellers are used to their gizmos and gadgets and are willing to spend top dollar on quality and brands. This generation also doesn’t have any qualms about making room for leisure in their busy work schedule. In light of this trend, several hotel chains have also started 'lifestyle-based promotions' like scheduling nightly social events, match/tournament screenings and the likes to lure them to their hotels.

Another aspect that distinguishes the new age traveler from their older counterparts is food habits. While a corporate traveller in the age group of 40-50 usually spends on usual meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner during his stay at the hotel, the 25-35 age group traveller spends on breakfast, health meals like protein shakes, mid-meal, lunch, quick bites in the evening and dinner.

Young travellers also tend to spend far more time socialising and working in the lobby and at the restaurants than they would spend in their hotel rooms, unlike the older travellers who would prefer to be in their rooms. Also, the Gen Y business travellers are more liberal with their purse strings as they indulge in quality stuff and are ready to spend on brands. As a result, many hotel owners and operators are redesigning existing hotels to offer plush lobbies with social spaces and state-of-the-art fitness areas and stylish bars.

So with hotels warming up their hearts and premises to this generation, millennials rule!


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