Head to Tuvalu before it disappears in the world map!
Head to Tuvalu before it disappears in the world map!

Comprising six atolls and three islands, Tuvalu will appeal to travelers who want to get away from it all! This is one island nation that is under the radar of most seasoned travelers. If you plan to go on a vacation where it will be hard for people to get in touch with you, head to Tuvalu, and spend languid days without the hustle and bustle of a city.

Located at the western edge of Polynesia, Tuvalu is like a speck amidst the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The fourth smallest country in the world in terms of land area, Tuvalu is inhabited by about 11,000 people who live in its nine atolls and islands. Blessed with a tropical climate, Tuvalu has no rivers or lakes, and water supply relies heavily on rainwater stored in tanks. There is only one bank in Tuvalu and credit card services are not available. The only way to get to Tuvalu is by air travel. Located in the island of Funafuti, the Funafuti International Airport is your only gateway to Tuvalu. It serves as the only link of Tuvalu to the world.

Tuvalu is not your usual tourist destination. It only welcomes a little over a thousand tourists annually, but if you love exploring undiscovered places and enjoy nature as it is, this is your ideal vacation spot. You can rent a motorbike and tour one of the islands, charter a boat and go Island hopping, dive and snorkel, and of course swim and sun bathe in one of its isolated pristine white beaches where the only sound you will hear is the lapping of the waves. It is a paradise without any tinge of commercialism. 

One of the tiniest and remotest countries in the world, Tuvalu is fated to become one world’s first nations to disappear due to global warming. In fact, plans are being made for its people's evacuation in the near future. This is the reason why you must visit it soon!


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