Today, with everyone participating directly in the travel buying experience, true travel professionals have evolved to a new and more challenging role – that of a professional buying consultant. UNIGLOBE experts talk about the role of a travel professional and 7 distinct ways you stand to benefit by using their services - both online and offline!

With an almost endless supply of constantly changing options now presented in thousands of websites, the challenge is knowing what to buy, where to buy it and how to ensure the trip is “as expected”. And that’s where todays true travel professionals have the edge. They have invested in the technology, tools and training that ensures they can bring the right support for every step in the  “end-to-end” travel experience of both corporate and leisure travellers.

So how do you know when someone is a true travel professional? The short answer is “when they offer the best of "both worlds" – support for your online, self-service needs (24x7) AND expert consulting support from a trained travel expert who knows YOU and what YOU like and expect. Technology when you want it…talented people when you don’t. Simple!

“As travel professionals, we know that many people like to participate in the planning and research steps for their trips.  We fully support that desire by making our travel research team available for consultation or, for the “do-it-yourselfers”, by providing a content-rich website that contains all the necessary search tools for air and hotel and even vacation ideas!", explains a UNIGLOBE Travel expert.

"We include extra information like corporate contract rates and also extra features like “pre-trip approval” tools to help companies control their travel spend more efficiently.  And once a cost and time effective trip is planned – then we REALLY go to work looking for further improvements in fares and rates or seats and ancillary services prior to departure. But it doesn’t stop there…we move on to handling any enroute changes or trip challenges as required before welcoming travellers safely home. It’s a whole trip support system and that is what a true travel professional provides. We’ll provide guidance and knowledge to add a personal touch that no 'technology only' approach can provide. We stay current on business travel trends, up-and-coming destinations, great hotels and the ever-changing airline rules, regulations and prices, which affect three things in particular - the rates, comfort and convenience at which our clients travel.” adds a UNIGLOBE Travel expert.

Think of your travel professional as you would an accountant or a real estate agent. You can file your own tax return or sell your own house, but many choose to leave this to people who have made it their life’s profession because they recognize that specialized knowledge pays off. The travel professional’s role is quite similar - to match up “ clients needs” with the “best, most suitable travel options”. Here are the top 7 benefits clients tell us they enjoy by using a true travel professional:

1. Time savings - Your time is precious.  There are choices today, lots of them! You or your staff can spend countless hours researching fares and rates, only to discover that the best fare or rate is no longer available. Your own UNIGLOBE Travel Professional knows where to look in both online and specialty channels and can quickly return the best available options for your next trip – saving you time and money.

2. No surprises - Travel professionals live and breathe travel which means they are able to keep up with the hundreds of daily changes in airline rules, fees and regulations that are constantly shifting; hotels undergoing renovations and changes in management – all things that impact your experience. Adds one UNIGLOBE Travel expert, “as a travel professional, we have access to the latest information and can provide travelers with important details that may have been conveniently forgotten in generic websites”

3. Advocacy support - Should you have a problem during your trip, your travel professional is  always there to help fix it or act on your behalf to see that a suitable solution is found to address your concerns. You benefit from their connections.

4. Little Extras - You may be looking to add some interesting activities to your next meeting, arrange a special dinner or attend a special festival during your next business trip. Or maybe your intention is to extend your next trip to include a little break away weekend. Only a travel professional can help you plan your extension with tips on the best places to stay based on location and the best time to go.

5. Cost savings - Chances are your travel professional represents significant buying power resulting in better rates and overall lower costs for you. As one UNIGLOBE Expert points out, “we sell a LOT of travel and we have carefully chosen partnerships with airlines, hoteliers, ground handling companies, international SIM card providers and others to help build a total trip plan featuring the best options.  We negotiate contracts and secure exclusive deals for our clients and are alerted to the latest sales and promotions”

6. The Personalized Touch - Travel professionals will carefully profile your requirements, and your company’s policies to ensure all options are the right fit, from transportation and accommodation logistics to recommendations for a great place to take a business partner for dinner.  And for those very important vacations, travel professionals double up as destination and activity experts and can recommend what to do (and what to skip) on your next holiday.

7. Simpler, easier travel - When booking a multi-leg trip it is important to know what airlines offer the best connections, what airports are easiest to navigate and finally the best method to get to your hotel. It is these little tips that make the difference between having a smooth journey or a massive headache.



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