Looking for a unique animal encounter? Then check out the Meet the Meerkats Experience in South East, England. Visitors will get up close and personal with meerkats inside their enclosure and assist with their feedings.

Hand Feed a Meerkat at the Meet the Meerkats Experience
Hand Feed a Meerkat at the Meet the Meerkats Experience

For a unique animal experience in England, unlike any other, head to the Meet the Meerkats Experience in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Located at the popular Paradise Wildlife Park, the Meet the Meerkats experience lets you visit these unique creatures within their enclosure. The experience lasts for 30 minutes, where you are then free to walk around Paradise Wildlife Park and explore the other attractions.

the Meet the Meerkats Experience begins with a welcome drink while a trained animal professional welcomes you and gives you some health and safety tips. you will then have 30 minutes inside the Meerkats enclosure with the opportunity to feed and play with these curious animals. at the end of the experience you will receive a t-shirt and certificate to remember your memorable time with the Meerkats. 

If you are an animal lover, don't miss this amazing experience at the Paradise Wildlife Park.

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