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Greatest migration of wildlife, Serengeti
Greatest migration of wildlife, Serengeti


The Serengeti migration is a remarkable and a very impressive story. This migration takes place within the Kenya and Tanzania and is considered one of the greatest migration of wildlife on the planet earth. The Serengeti is one of the tenth natural travel wonders of the world. 

When the season changes, thousands of wild life such as wildebeest and zebra migrate to green pasture lands for food and living. While doing so, some are able to make it and some just die during their migration, thus continuing the circle of life. When the wildlife is making an effort to migrate, predators keep a close watch on these migrants so that weak preys can be killed at the right time. The migration happens twice a year. Serengeti has lots and lots of national parks and animal reserves. Statistics show that the Serengeti has more than two million herbivores and thousands of carnivorous animals. To name a few, a lot of blue wild beasts, gazelles, zebras and buffaloes can be found in the region.

During the month of October, almost two million herbivores travel from the north of the hills to the southern plains. And back in April, they return to the north via the west, crossing the Mara River. This cycle is usually referred as the circular migration. The Serengeti is located in the eastern part of Africa. This place is a treat for the tourists who love to be in the wild, with the wildlife. One can spend time in luxurious lodges, tented camps and have fun with the efficiently guided wildlife nature walks and drives in 4 by 4 vehicles.

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