September and October, the busiest season for conferences and conventions is around the corner. Heading out on the road to meet your industry peers while unprepared will be a waste of your time and your company’s money. Read on as our UNIGLOBE experts share some tips and tricks on getting the most out of the season.

How do I make the best use of my time?

Review the agenda in advance to determine which sessions you want to attend. When your colleagues are also attending, make your break-out plans with them so you are not overlapping and then you can compare notes afterwards. Spend your time between sessions networking with other attendees.


How do I remember people you meet at conferences?  

While we live in an electronic age, the old school business card can help you with some of the small details.  After you meet someone and exchanged cards, try to find a moment to make a few notes on the back of that person’s card – what you talked about or a personal detail.  Each evening, go through the cards you collected during that day and review the cards, the names and your notes on the back.  The act of writing it down, and then reviewing it again that night will help commit the person and their details to memory.


How do I network effectively?

It is easy to get into the trap of interacting mostly with your colleagues or those in the industry that you already know.  Be social and try to meet new people. After all, interaction with your industry peers can be the most important part of conferences for some of you. Instead of spending time checking mails on your phone, talk to those near you while waiting for a session to begin. This can be a great opportunity to make new industry contacts. Once you’ve broken the ice prior to the session starting, you can then share your thoughts about the session when you are walking out of the meeting room.


Should I bring my spouse?

While it might be appealing to bring your spouse or children for a conference, especially if you are travelling to a fun city, having them with you can be a distraction in itself.  With the exception of select events where spouses are encouraged to attend, its best to have your loved ones fly in once the conference is over, and you can extend your stay.


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