Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the air in a hot air balloon? Take a hot air balloon ride at Balloons Aloft, Inc. The one hour flight allows tourists of all ages to take in a beautiful panoramic view.

Float high above the trees in a Hot Air Balloon at Balloons Aloft, Inc.
Float high above the trees in a Hot Air Balloon at Balloons Aloft, Inc.

Get ready for a real adventure! Experience the thrill of soaring up the sky in a hot air balloon at Balloons Aloft, Inc. with your family, friends and relatives. In a hot air balloon, you’ll be able to see stunning views of the landscape, a combination of wooded areas, farmland, and beautiful villages and towns. You’ll also be able to see people who are dear to you smile, laugh and be thrilled by the experience. What's more rewarding than that!

Flights are approximately an hour ride and what a fascinating ride it’ll be. Imagine yourself 500 to 2500 feet from the ground in a Hot Air Balloon at Balloons Aloft, Inc., it would definitely take you away from the daily worries and stress.

What should you wear? Usually on mornings, grass will be covered with dew so wear footwear that would keep you dry. On a cool weather, don’t forget to bring your jackets, gloves or hats. You should be at your most comfortable self to be able to fully enjoy the ride. One more thing, Balloons Aloft, Inc. does not accept credit cards so you might want to hit the ATM before you go.

Exclusive flights are also available to ensure that you will have the balloon to yourself. So what are you waiting for? Email us or call us now to get you in a hot air balloon!

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