Ever wanted to go skydiving? Then check out the Las Vegas Tandem Skydiving Trip. On this tour visitors will experience the adrenaline rush of a 60-second free fall, followed by a peaceful parachute descent.

Feel the Rush of a 60-Second Free Fall on a Tandem Skydiving Trip
Feel the Rush of a 60-Second Free Fall on a Tandem Skydiving Trip

Take on a heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing free fall for 60 seconds with Tandem Skydiving Trip in Las Vegas and feel a once in a lifetime experience. Drop at over 2 miles above the earth together with an experienced instructor which will check all your equipment and necessary precautions before the drop off. Bring out the dare devil in you and get to take on an experience many people have been enjoying.

Tandem Skydiving Trip provides all equipment needed and proper instructions and training by an expert and qualified instructor so you won’t have to worry on what to do. It is also a ‘No experience necessary’ type of adventure so everybody can have their share of fun. Later on, you will be receiving a Certificate of Completion that you can show-off to your family or friends later on. You’ll even get a DVD of your skydive experience that you can cherish for a very long time.

Contact us now and get your adrenaline rushing with Tandem Skydiving Trip in Las Vegas!

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