Looking for a relaxing day aboard a luxury sailboat? Then check out the Cabo Half-Day Luxury Sailing Adventure. Visitors will ride a luxury sailboat on the Sea of Cortes and along the coast of Baja California to see dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles.

Explore the Sea of Cortés on a Cabo Half-Day Luxury Sailing Adventure
Explore the Sea of Cortés on a Cabo Half-Day Luxury Sailing Adventure

Spend a few hours sailing with Half-Day Luxury Sailing Adventure in Los Cabos, Mexico and you’ll feel like you’ve only spent minutes of your time by having lots of fun and relaxation. Climb Aboard a luxury sailing ship and get to cruise the turquoise waters of Baja California. Have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of dolphins playing by the side of your boat and even whales when in season.

Cabo Half-Day Luxury Sailing Adventure doesn’t require its passengers to be a seasoned sailor, even if it’s your first time experience, you will still get to enjoy your adventure with friendly and expert crew guiding you all the way. You will also have the chance to anchor at perfect spots to swim and enjoy the waters or simply lie back, relax and enjoy the tropical sun. You can also go underwater with snorkeling and get to admire at bountiful marine life. With all equipment needed onboard, you only need to bring with you swimwear, sunscreen, and of course your camera.

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