Ever wanted to visit the home of the famous 'Crocodile Hunter'? Then check out the Croc Express at the Australia Zoo. During this experience visitors will spend a day with Australia's craziest critters at the zoo made famous by the Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin.

See Australia’s Most Dangerous Reptiles at the Croc Express
See Australia’s Most Dangerous Reptiles at the Croc Express
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Visit Australia Zoo and get to see the famous Croc Express made famous by the popular crocodile hunter himself, Steve Irwin. See Australia’s most dangerous reptiles and learn how they behave. With almost six hours to spend on Australia Zoo, you’ll definitely get to explore all exhibits including elephant and tiger exhibits.

At Croc Express, you’ll get to travel in an air-conditioned coach and of course enjoy exploring this fantastic wildlife theme park. See crocodiles being fed and snakes being handled. Get to see cute koalas up close and even exotic animals such as giraffe, rhino and zebra. With a perfect and well planned out tour, you and your family will have the fun and excitement you deserve. You can also take part in an official Australia zoo animal photo session. Finally, you can end the tour with a delicious meal from several eating venues nearby.

Contact us now and see Australia’s most dangerous reptiles at the Croc Express in Australia Zoo!

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