Are you an eco-minded adventurer? Then check out the Bako National Park Full Day Tour in Malaysia. On this tour visitors will discover wild orchids, Proboscis monkeys, wild boar, monitor lizards and hundreds of bird species.

Discover Wild Orchids on a Bako National Park Full Day Tour
Discover Wild Orchids on a Bako National Park Full Day Tour

If you are a nature lover, you will love visiting the extraordinary Bako National Park in Malaysia. This unique natural attraction is only reachable by a 20-minute longboat ride from land, and is home to seven distinct rainforest ecosystems.Spend a full day with your tour guide exploring the natural scenery, wildlife, and exotic plants that Bako National Park has to offer. 

Your tour begins with the 20-minute boat ride on a traditional Malaysian longboat. As you arrive at Bako National Park, the rugged coastlines and sharp cliffs beckon you with adventure. Spend the day trekking along the well marked trails while you interact with the monkeys, watch colorful tropical birds fly past, and admire the immense variety of wild orchids and pitcher plants growing along the way. A packed lunch is included in the tour that you can eat on a secluded white sand beach in total harmony with nature,

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